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In the last few years, Colombia has set an important example in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. For this reason, seven Colombian academic institutions, supported by the US Embassy, will unite from the 22nd until 25th of August for the Enlazados por la Paz – Summit on Peacebuilding.

This initiative emerges with the intention of promoting and encouraging the creation of spaces for positive conversation and academic cooperation, thus contributing to peacebuilding in Colombia.

This is especially relevant during the current post-conflict period. Moreover, this initiative will highlight the role of higher education in the process of social transformation.

Join Us
By joining the Summit, you will have the opportunity to witness during the course of four days one of the most important contemporary academic events with a potential for this historical period in country.

Seven of the most renowned Colombian higher education institutions will bring Colombian and international experts on the topic who join to equip the community in its role as a peacemakers.

This event is from 22nd until 25th of August in seven sessions within the different institutions. For further information, please check the AGENDA.